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Earthquake Case Study: Kobe (MEDC)

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When did the Kobe Earthquake happen?

17th January 1995


What was the cause of the earthquake?

-Friction from the subducting Philippine plate under the Eurasian plate causes frequent volcanoes and earthquakes

-On 17th Jan 1997, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake travelled along the Median fault line from Awaji Island


What were the primary effects?

-5000 killed
-27,000 injured
-130km of bullet train line was destroyed
-Nearly 200,000 buildings destroyed


What were the secondary effects?

-Fires caused by broken gas pipes destroyed another 7500 homes
-Roads were at gridlock, delaying emergency services
-Estimate 230,000 became homeless
-Industries like Panasonic were forced to close


What were the immediate responses?

-The government evacuated people into temporary shelters due to risk of fires and collapsing buildings
-Bulldozers were brought in to clear fallen buildings
-Search and rescue by local emergency units
-Distribution of tents, blankets, food and water by disaster relief organizations


What were the long-term responses?

-By July 1995 electricity, gas and telephones services were operational
-By January 1999, 134,000 homes were constructed
-New, stricter laws were on the earthquake proofing of houses
-Better more accurate earthquake prediction tools were brought in for future earthquakes

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