Earthquake Case Study: Sichuan (LEDC)

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What are the key location descriptions of Sichuan?

-Resting in the southern part of China
-Between Eurasian and Indian Plate
-Resting on the Longmen Shan fault


When did the earthquake happen?

12th May 2008


What caused the Sichuan earthquake?

-The Eurasian and Indian plate collided together triggered a magnitude 7.9 earthquake

-The shock waves travelled down the Longmenshan Fault Line, flattening the city of Chengdu and the surroundings towns and villages


What were the primary effects?

-69000 people dead
-In beichuan country, 80% of all buildings collapsed
-374,000 injured
-4 million homes and buildings were destroyed


What were the secondary effects?

-Landslides block roads and rivers
-Survivors have little to no access to clean water, food and shelter
-Blocked roads delayed emergency services
-The news of 50,000 children killed due to shoddy school construction shocks the public and the local government is to blame


What were the immediate responses?

-Clearing debris off roads to allow supplies and aid to enter
-Volunteers searched for survivors with their bare hands
-Red Cross and Red Crescent were sent in to aid in treating the injured
-Survivors are relocated to a safer place and rations of 500 yuan and 10g of food per person was given


What were the long term responses?

-The government plans to spend 146 billion dollars of recovery efforts
-The implementation of more stable and sturdy building structure
-Donations from home and abroad reached $5.38 billion three weeks after the quake
- Basic education on how to act during an earthquake

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