Medication List Pharmacology Chapter 9 (Nicola)

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Generic Name: bupivacaine
Classification: Numbing & anesthesia

Trade Name: Marcaine/Sensorcaine
Description: Local anesthetic for numbing -
6-8 hours pain control


Generic Name: epinephrine
Classification: Adrenergic

Trade Name: Epinephrine
Increases blood pressure
Constricts Vessels
Dilates Bronchioles


Generic Name: lidocaine
Classification: Antiarrhythmic

Trade Name: Lidocaine & Xylocaine
Description: Local or regional anesthetic, can also
correct cardiac dysrhythmias, V-Tach, V-Fib


Generic Name: fentanyl
Classification: Narcotic

Trade Name: Sublimaze
Description: Minimizes pain & potentiates anesthesia


Generic Name: bacitracin (bacci)
Classification: Antibiotic

Trade Name: Bacitracin - #1 used on field
Description: Antibacterial


Generic Name: cefazolin
Classification: Antibiotic

Trade Name: Ancef - #1 used in hospitals
Description: Antibacterial - can target different body systems


Generic Name: heparin
Classification: Anti-coagulant

Trade Name: Heparin - #1 on field
Description: Interfere with blood clotting mechanism


Generic Name: warfarin
Classification: Anti-coagulant

Trade Name: Coumadin - #1 in anesthesia
Description: Anti-coagulant


Generic Name: droperidol
Classification: Antiemetic

Trade Name: Inapsine
Description: Reduces nausea, prevents vomiting


Generic Name: metoclopramide
Classification: Antiemetic

Trade Name: Reglan
Description: Reduces nausea, prevents vomiting


Generic Name: diphenhydramine
Classification: Antihistamine

Trade Name: Benadryl
Description: Counteract allergic reaction


Generic Name: anything "paque or graphin"
Classification: Contrast media (fluoroscopy)

Trade Name: anything "paque or graphin"
Description: Outline hollow structures for visualization for radiological exam


Generic Name: papaverine
Classification: Vasodilator

Trade Name: Papaverine
Description: Dilate peripheral blood vessels


Generic Name: vasopressin
Classification: Vasopressors

Trade Name: Pitressin
Description: Vasoconstrictors, increases blood pressure


Generic Name: dantolene
Classification: Enzymes

Trade Name: Dantrium
Description: Treats malignant hyperthermia, related to anesthesia


Generic Name: ringer's solution
Classification: Intravenous solution

Trade Name: Ringers
Description: Solution of several salts, contains essential serum electrolytes, similar to plasma


Generic Name: lactated ringer's
Classification: Intravenous solution

Trade Name: Lactated Ringer’s (LR) solution
Description: Same as Ringers but has sodium lactate added to serve as a glucose source


Generic Name: mannitol
Classification: Diuretic

Trade Name: Osmitrol
Description: Prevents reabsorption of water in the kidney


Generic Name: Protamine Sulfate
Classification: Anticoagulant antagonist

Trade Name: Protamine Sulfate (Vitamin K)
Description: Heparin reversal medication

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