Advanced Health Assessment: Chapter 2 Jarvis

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define health

balance of person both within ones physical, mental, and spiritual and in the outside world.



loss of persons balance both within ones being physical, mental, and/or spiritual.. and in the outside world.


health disparity

is the unusual and disproportionate frequence of a given health problem ex..(diabetes, hypertension, certain cancers) within a population when compared with other populations.


Factors that contribute to this are?

multilevel, complex, and include health care system, health care providers, health care managers, and patients families/communities.


cultural sensitve-

implies caregiver possess some basic knowledge of and constructive attitudes toward the diverse cultural population found in the setting in which they are practicing.


culturally appropriate-

caregiver apply the underlying background knowledge that must be possessed to provide a given person with the best possible health care


culturally competent

implies that the caregivers understand and attend to the total context of the individuals situation, including awareness of immigration status, stress factors


is there a definition of culture

not one single definition. It is a complex whole in which each part is related to every other part. It is learned. Must be learned by each person in his or her family and social community.


4 characteristics of culture

1) learned, 2) shared by all members of same cultureal group 3) adapted to specific conditions related to environmental and technical factors and to the availability of natural resources. 4) dynamic and ever changing.



is borne out of each persons unique life experience and his or her personal effort to find purpose and meaning in life.



process of adapting to and acquiring another culture



process by which a person develops a new cultural identity



dual pattern of identificaiton and often of divided loyalty


The first step in developing cultural competency is?

to know yourself.



defined as balance of the person both within ones being physical, mental or spiritual and in the outside world (natural, communal, metaphysical)

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