12 Cranial Nerves

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In order, My own little easy way to remember them
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I. Olfactory Nerve

II. Optic Nerve

III. Oculomotor Nerve

IV. Trochlear Nerve

V. Trigeminal Nerve

VI. Abducens Nerve

VII. Facial Nerve

VIII. Vestibulochochlear Nerve

IX. Glossopharyngeal Nerve

X. Vagus Nerve

XI. Accessory Nerve

XII. Hypoglossal Nerve


Cranial Nerve I (1)

Olfactory Nerve:



Cranial Nerve II (2)

Optic Nerve:

Sense of Vision

Retina -> Optic Chiasma ->Thalamus -> Visual Cortex (Occipital Lobe)


Cranial Nerve III (3)

Oculomotor Nerve:

Moves Eyeball

Innervates 4/6 extrinsic eye muscles

Controls Size of pupil

Controls Lens Shape


Cranial Nerve IV (4)

Trochlear Nerve:

Pulls eyeball down (somatic motor fibers to one extrinsic eye muscle, superior oblique)


Cranial Nerve V (5)

Trigeminal Nerve:

Major Sensory nerve of Face

Feeling of Face

Largest Cranial Nerve


Cranial Nerve VI (6)

Abducens Nerve:

Moves front of eyeball away from midline


Cranial Nerve VII (7)

Facial Nerve:

Motor nerve to move the face

5 Branches - Temporal, Zygomatic, Buccal, Mandibular, Cervical

Innervates fleshy part of face

All Secretions

Innervates taste buds (front portion 2/3 of the tongue)


Cranial Nerve VIII (8)

Vestibulocochlear Nerve:

vestibular senses impulses for equilibrium & balance

Cochlear branch transmits impulses for hearing


Cranial Nerve IX (9)

Glossopharyngeal Nerve:

mouth & throat

salivary glands

swallow mechanisms


Cranial Nerve X (10)

Vagus Nerve:

Innervates viscera

goes beyond cranial region (only one that does)

breathing, digestion, defecation, reproduction, etc....

tastes in back of tongue & pharynx

monitors blood pressure (sensory input from baroreceptors in carotid & aorta)


Cranial Nerve XI (11)

Accessory Nerve:

Innervates 2 skeletal muscles : trapezius & Sternocleoidmastid


Cranial Nerve XII (12)

Hypoglossal Nerve:

Allows you to move your tongue around

Under the tongue

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