Lab manual: Urease Test

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Lab manual Urease test Microbiology 205
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Urease is produced by some microorganisms, is an enzyme that is especially helpful in identification of

Proteus vulgaris.


Urease is produced by some



Although other organisms may produce urease, their action on the substrate urea tends to be slower than that seen w/

Proteus species.


Other organisms my produce urease, but their action on ______ ____ tends to be slower than that seen with Proteus species.

substrate urea


Is urease an enzyme?



The urease test serves rapidly to distinguish members of this genus from other...

non lactose-fermenting enteric microorganisms.


Whay type of enzyme is Urease?



What is the function of Urease (hydrolytic enzyme)

Attack nitrogen & carbon bond in amide compounds such as urea & forms the alkaline end product AMMONIA.


What attacks nitrogen & the carbon bond in amide compounds such as urea & forms the alkaline end product ammonia?

Urease (which is a hydrolytic enzyme)


Urease attacks _a___ & the _b_______ in __c______ such as urea & forms the alkaline end product __d_____.

a. nitrogen
b. carbon bond
c. amide compounds
d. ammonia


The presence of urease is detectable when the organisms are grown in a urea broth medium containing the pH indicator

phenol red


As urea is split into it products, the presence of __a___ creates an alkaline environment that causes the the phenol red to turn a deep __b___

a. ammonia
b. pink


The presence of ammonia turning the phenol red a deep pink is a ___a_____ reaction for the presence of __b_______.

a. positive
b. urease


On a urease test the color yellow means

Negative reaction for the presence of urease.


On a urease test the color pink means

Positive reaction for the presence of urease.

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