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Types of Joints

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In an synarthrosis joint the bones are in close contact with each other and separated by a thin layer of cartilage.

Immovable Joints

An example is the suture lines of the cranial bones


In an amphiarthrosis joint between the bones of the joint is a disc of fibrous cartilage that connects the bones.

Slightly movable joints

Examples of this type of joint include cartilage that connects the vertebrae and the disc of cartilage called the symphysis pubis that connects the pubic bones


A diarthrosis joint is referred to as synovial joints because these joints all contain a synovial membrane that secretes synovial fluid

Freely movable joints


This type of joint allows for the widest range of motion.

Ball-and-Socket Joints

Examples are: shoulder and hip joints


This type of joint allows for movement in only one plane with some lateral movement. The joint is composed of a ...... of one bone fitting into the fossa of another bone.

Condyloid Joints

An example is the temporomandibular joint


This type of joint allow side-to-side and twisting movements. The articulating surfaces of the bones are either flat or slightly curved.

Gliding Joints

Example is the carpals of the wrist


This type of joint allows movement in only one plane, much like the motion permitted by the hinge on a door.

Hinge Joints
Example: knee and elbow


This type of joint allows only a rotational movement around a central axis.

Pivot Joints

Example: The joint formed by the proximal ends of the ulna and radius


This type of joint allow movement in a variety of planes. The surface of one bone fits into the equivalent surface of the other bone.

Saddle Joints

Example: Joint formed by the trapezium of the wrist and the metacarpal of the thumb


What is the term for: One end of muscle is attached to immovable end of bone of the joint

Origin of a muscle


What is the term for: Other end attached to the movable end of the other bone

Insertion of a muscle


What is the term for: Joint movement

Muscle contraction

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