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Art History Exam1 Part 2

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Funerary Mask of Tutankhamun

c. 1327 B.C.E

Gold inlaid with glass and semiprecious stones

Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Found by Howard Carter in The Valley of King, 18th Dynasty

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The Palette of Narmer

c. 2950 B.C.E

Green Schist

Hierokonpolis, Early Dynastic Period, found in Temple of Horus

Unification of Egypt and the beginning of the country's growth as a powerful nation

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The Step Pyramid and Sham Buildings, Funerary Complex of Djoser

c. 2630-2575 B.C.E

The Designer was Imhotep

Was designed as a replica in stone of the wood, brick, and reed buildings used in rituals associated with kingship

Step Pyramid - Saqqara, painted limestone ( 2450-2325)

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Great Pyramids, Giza

c. 2575-2450 B.C.E, Fourth Dynasty

The oldest and Largest Pyramid is Khufu; 2551-2528 B.C.E

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Great Sphinx, Giza

c. 2520-2494 B.C.E

Funerary complex of Khafre


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Khafre from Giza

c. 2520-2494 B.C.E, fourth dynasty

From Valley Temple of Khafre

By dianite-gabbro gneiss

Enthroned King, Over life size statues

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Menkaure and a Queen from Giza

Probably the queen is Khamerenebty II

c. 2490-2472 B.C.E, Fourth Dynasty

Graywacke with traces of red and black paint

Dignity, calm and permanence

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Seated Scribe from Saqqara

c. 2450-2325

Found near the Tomb of Kai, Saqqara, 5th Dynasty

Painted limestone with inlaid eyes of rock crystal

They believed that appointed to one of several 'houses of life.'

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Reconstruction Drawing of the Great Temple of Amun at Karnak

c. 1579-1075 B.C.E

Aka New Kingdom

Statue of Amun is located at heart of the temple

Kings manifest their power

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Hatshepsut Kneeling

c. 1473-1458 B.C.E, from Deir el-Bahri, 18th Dynasty

By red granite

Woman who ruled Egypt very long time

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Funerary Temple of Hatshepsut

c. 1473-1458 B.C.E, from Deir el-Bahri, 18th Dynasty

At the far left ramp there is funerary temple of Mentuhatep III (2009-1997 B.C.E)

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Colossal Figure of Akhenaten

c. 1353-1336

From Temple Gempaaten, Karnak

Sandstone with traces of polychromy

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Akhenaten and his family

c. 1353-1336 B.C.E, 18th Dynasty

from Akhenaten (Tell el-Amarna)

painted limestone relief ( Sunken relief technique)

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Queen Tiye

c. 1352 B.C.E, 18th Dynasty

From Kam Medinet el-Ghurab

By wood, glass, silver, gold ...

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c. 1353-1336

From Akhenaten ( Tell el-Amarna)

Painted limestone

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Inner Coffin of Tutankhamun's Sarcophagus

c. 1332-1322 B.C.E

From Tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings

Gold inlaid glass and semiprecious stones

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Judgement of Hunefer Before Osiris

c. 1285 B.C.E, 19th Dynasty

Painted papyrus

From a book of the Dead, Judgement of the Dead

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Rosetta Stone, 196 B.C.E

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hypostyle hall

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