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2nd Amendment
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Pros:1) Decrease chances of a criminal attack

2)Reduce crimes

3) Creates a sense of safety and security

4)Gives the right to bear arms

“8 Big Pros and Cons of the 2nd Amendment.” ConnectUS, 2015, />


Cons:1)Increase potential for gun-related incidents

2)Increased incidence of crimes

3)Not granted by the U.S. Constitution

4)Leaves people feeling ill at ease

“8 Big Pros and Cons of the 2nd Amendment.” ConnectUS, 2015, />


Thesis: Even though guns are dangerous in the wrong hands, keeping this amendment is the an important way to defend the United States and exercise our legal rights.



If the second amendment is meant for individuals

Document Page: Does the Second Amendment Give Individuals a Right to Bear Arms? Does the Second Amendment Give Individuals a Right to Bear Arms?. eLibrary. Web. 01 Nov. 2016.


25 Reasons Why We Need To Preserve Our 2nd Amendment Right To Keep And Bear Arms

"It is truly sad that we only hear in the media about tragic incidents like Aurora and never hear of the cases where firearms are legally used in the defense of life and liberty."

“25 Reasons Why We Need to Preserve Our 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.” Activist Post, 12 Aug. 2015, activistpost.com/2012/07/25-reasons-why-we-need-to-preserve-our.html.


The Second Amendment Primer

Adams, Les. The Second Amendment Primer. Birmingham, Al, Palladium Press, 1996.


How the amendment came to be.

“The Second Amendment &Amp; the Right to Bear Arms.” LiveScience, TechMedia Network, livescience.com/26485-second-amendment.html.


all of page 3

Winkler, By Nelson Lund and Adam. “Amendment II Right to Bear Arms.” National Constitution Center, constitutioncenter.org/interactive-constitution/amendments/amendment-ii.


use of paragraphs

Anonymous. “Why the Second Amendment Is Our Most Important Right.” Teen Ink, teenink.com/opinion/current_events_politics/article/369588/why-the-second-amendment-is-our-most-important-right/.

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