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3 mechanisms of co2 transport in blood

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Three ways CO2 is transported in the blood

  1. dissolved in plasma
  2. attached to hemoglobin
  3. by way of bicarbonate ion

About how much carbon dioxide is dissolved and carried in plasma?

7% is dissolved in plasma


About how much carbon dioxide is transported by hemoglobin

about 15-25% is transported by hemoglobin


The hemoglobin compound that transports CO2 is called



About how much CO2 is transported by the bicarbonate ion

Up to 75%


How is CO2 transported in the blood by way of the bicarbonate ion.

  1. Diffused into cell
  2. combines w H2O and carbonic anhydrase to form carbonic acid (CO2+H2O -->H2CO3)
  3. Dissociated into H+ and Bicarbonate ions HCO- 3
  4. HCO- 3 moves out thru protein channel and Cl- ions enter to maintain stability
  5. The H+ binds with hemoglobin

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