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how respiration is controlled by the nervous system (medulla oblongata & pons)

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LP7 exam 3

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There are 4 respiratory control centers in brain stem

  1. dorsal
  2. ventral
  3. pontine
  4. apneustic center

The medulla oblongata contains _____groups

Dorsal & ventral respiratory groups


The pons contains______________groups/center

pontine respiratory group & apneustic center


The control center that adjusts breathing and O2 and CO2 in the blood

brain stem containing medulla oblongata and pons


This group is always function during breathing



This group regulates breathing rate and contraction of diaphragm



This group monitors changes in pH, CO2, O2



This group stimulates the abdominal, external and internal internal intercostal muscles.(accessory resp muscles)

Ventral resp. group


This group is associated with deep/forceful breathing

Ventral resp.Group


The dorsal respiratory group is located in the ______area of medulla oblongata

Posterior (remember dorsal=back;posterior=back)


Pons contains ________respiratory group & _______center

Pontine; apneustic


Both segments of the pons help to fine tune



The pontine respiratory group helps to fine tune _____ ___ ____ and monitor ___ ___ ___

breathing rate and rhythm; O2, CO2 and pH


3 things that affect breathing rate (order of importance)

  1. pH
  2. CO2
  3. O2

The _______ ____gets info from cerebral cortex,limbic system, and hypothalamus

pontine group


Which portion of the pons is active during inhalation?

Apneustic center


Which portion of the pons works w/ medullary centers to adjust inhalation

Apneustic center


Respiratory centers in brain stem communicate w/spinal cord to control breathing and info travels to___

the diaphram via C3,C4,C5 nerve roots


The phrenic nerve is located at

C3; C4; C5 nerve roots


The thorax is expanded from information traveled from____nerves to ____ muscles

Intercostal, intercostal


All the respiratory centers are innervated by the ___ and ____

phrenic; intercostal nerves

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