Archery Test

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What does DRY FIRE mean? And should we ever do it?

Dry fire is drawing a bow back and releasing without an arrow.


Where should you NEVER stand?

You should never stand down range or behind the arrow curtain.


Never pick up a dropped arrow on the _____________________________.

Never pick up a dropped arrow on the SHOOTING LINE.


When you hear 5 whistle blows, what does that mean?

Five whistle blows means you should stop immediately, there is an emergency.


When you hear 2 whistle blows, what does that mean?

Two whistle blows means to get a bow


When you hear 1 whistle, what does that mean?

One whistle blow means you should shoot.


When you hear 3 whistles, what does that mean?

Three whistle blows means you should go get arrows.


What are the 11 steps to archery success?

1.Stance 2. Nock 3. Draw Hand Set 4. Bow hand set

5. Pre-draw 6. Draw 7. Anchor 8. Aim

9. Shot Set Up 10. Release 11. Follow Through/reflect


1st line on range floor is the ______________________. What do you do at this line?

The first line on the range floor is the Wait Line; wait here before retrieving bow and return here to shoot arrows.


The 2nd line is the _____________________. What do you do there?

The second line is ther; once there with your bow, place the bow on toe until you hear the shoot whistle command.


The 3rd line is the ___________________. What you do there?

The 3rd line is the Target Line; After given the "go Get Arrows" whistle command, you will walk to this line before retrieving arrows from the target.


Always look back towards the ______________________ when removing an arrow from target.

Always look back towards the Target Line when removing an arrow from the target.


What is the different color vain on the arrow that faces you when placing the nock on the bow?

The Index Vane is the different color vain on the arrow that faces you when placing the nock on the bow.


True or False:

You should always grab an arrow below the vains

It is TRUE: You should always grab an arrow below the vanes

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