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The proper way to handle a plate when serving food is to _____

Hold it by the bottom


Which of the following is NOT a proper way to cool hot food?

Placing it directly in the refrigerator.


Food is being time-temperature abused whenever it is kept between ______

41 degrees and 135 degrees

41 - 135 degrees

41 to 135 degrees


Food can become unsafe through ____


A. Improper cleaning and sanitizing

B. Cross contamination

C. Poor personal hygience



Before use, a thermometer must be _____

Washed, rinsed, and sanitized


The third (3rd) step of the five steps for cleaning and sanitizing is to _____

Rinse the item


In the cooler, an item is labeled "Fish: Use by today."

What should the food handler do?

Do not use the fish and tell the manager.


A food handler, in a hurry to refill a customer's drink, cannot find the ice scoop.

What should the food handler do?

Find the ice scoop and use it to scoop the ice.


A food handler suspects that a food item has been contaminated.

What should the food handler do with the food?

Label it, set is aside, and notify the manager.


Food handler should wash hands before ____

Starting work for the day


A food handler puts a thermometer into a pot of soup that is being hot held. The reading is 139* F (59* C).

Can the food handler serve the soup?

Yes, the temperature is within the correct range.


When should hand antiseptics be used?

After hand washing


Which food item needs time and temperature control to keep it safe?

Fried chicken breast


A food handler washes hands and changes gloves after prepping hamburger and before chopping lettuce.

The food handler is:

Practicing good personal hygience


A food handler is carrying clean utensils by holding the part that touches food.

Is this the right way to carry them (utensils)?

No. Utensils should never be held by parts that touch food.


Some bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that can't be seen, tasted, or smelled can cause an illness.

These are known as:



A food handler cleans dirty dishes using hot water and then puts them away with the rest of the clean dishes.

This is an example of

Poor cleaning and sanitizing


Surfaces that touch food must be:

Cleaned and sanitized


Where should a food handler check the temperature of the food?

In the thickest part


What should a dish washer do to make sure a sanitizer will work well?

Get a test kit and make sure the sanitizer is the right strength


A food handler uses different cutting boards to chop raw beef and slice melons.

This is an example of: ___

Preventing cross contamination


Cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces help reduce ____

Pathogens on the surface to a safe level


A food handler suspects that juice from raw ground beef stored above a wrapped pan of whole strawberries has dripped onto the pan of strawberries.

What should the food handler do?

Set the pan of strawberries aside and ask the manager what to do


A food handler accidentally spills sanitizer into the fryer grease and then let it soak in the grease.

Which type of hazard is this?

Chemical Hazard


Hands should be dried with ____

A single-use towel


A customer orders a slice of apple pie for dessert but doesn't know it is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The customer is allergic to dairy products, and tells this to the server.

What should the server do?

Prep a new dessert by placing a different slice of pie on a clean and sanitized plate and then serve it.


Food handlers must tell their manager when they have which symptom?



A cook uses a cleaning towel to wipe up spills on the counter.

When the cook is not using the towel, where should it (the towel) be stored?

In the sanitizer solution


The transfer of pathogens from one surface to another is called ____

Cross contamination


Identify three of the most common food allergens.

Eggs, peanuts, shellfish


Pathogens grow well between which temperatures?

41* F and 135* F (5* C and 57* C)


A food handler does not have time to get a clean apron before the shift starts.

What should the food handler do?

Ask the manager for a clean apron


A food handler who was called away while prepping a bowl of fruit put the bowl of fruit in the cooler.

This is an example of ___

Controlling time and temperature


Dropping that look like grains of black pepper are a sign of ___



Which of these items are NOT stored in the correct area?

Sanitizer and whole melon in the walk-in

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