Chapter 7- Bones Of The Skull

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Frontal Bone

# 1



Parietal Bone

# 2

Left and Right of the top of the skull

*Bulk of cranium


Temporal Bone


sides of the skull

*Processes for ear canal, cheek bones


Occipital Bone

# 1

Back of the skull

*Opening for spinal cord, attachment of skull to neck


Ethmoid Bone


Nasal passages, lots of processes

*Cribiform plate Cristi Galli


Sphenoid bone

# 1

Butterfly shaped

*Bottom of interior cranium and back of eye orbital


Sagittal Suture

#1 between parietal bones


Coronal Suture


Frontal and parietal bones


Lamboidal Sutures

# 1 parietal and occipital bones


Squamous Sutures

#2 Temporal, Parietal, and sphenoid bones


Bones of the face: Nasal

#2 Rectangular bones forming bridge of nose


Bones of the face: Vomer


Thin sheet of bone, perpendicular in skull separates left and right

*nasal septum


Bones of face: Lacrimal


Fingernail sized bone, medial eye orbit, tear-duct

*Lacrimal fossa drains tears into nasal cavity


Bones of the face: Zygomatic

# 2

Cheekbone, zygomatic arc, inferior/lateral eye orbit

*Curved bone- appearance varies


Bones of the face: Palatine

# 2

L-shaped bone- forms posterior hard palate

* helps form part of nasal cavity


Bones of the face: Maxilla

# 2

Upper-jaw: Inferior, medial eye orbit

2 fused bones

*Sockets for teeth, many nerve openings


Bones of the face: Mandible

# 1

lower jaw, contains Mandibular condyle

*many nerve openings and muscle attachments


Bones of the face: Inferior Nasal Conchae

# 2

3 part spiral hook bones that form shape of nasal cavity. Part of the ethmoid

* lateral nasal cavity


Bones of the face: Auditory ossicles

# 3 on each side

Found in middle ear cavity, help control sound transmission

*Malleus, incus, and stapes

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