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Discrete Trial Training Questions

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When looking at a single trial and how it involves the three-term contingency, the consequence would be ____________.


Error correction

A or B

A or B


A trial begins with:

The inter-trial interval

The discriminative stimulus (SD)

The reinforcement

Gaining the client’s attention

gaining the client's attention.


During discrete trial teaching, if the client responds correctly, reinforcement is given. If the client response incorrectly, error correction is provided. Following either reinforcement or error correction, there is a 3-5 second inter-trial interval.





In the DTT flow chart, when is errorless teaching applied?

Following reinforcement

Following error correction

Following the inter-trial interval

Following the discriminative stimulus (SD)

Following the discriminative stimulus (SD)


Errorless teaching is used __________.

for young children only

when teaching a new skill

for older clients only

so that the client can learn through trial and error

when teaching a new skill


Errorless teaching is a prompting procedure that does not allow the client to make an error.





What are the steps of error correction?

Show the correct response, give the SD, allow the client to respond, provide reinforcement

Provide reinforcement for trying and then give the SD again

Give the SD, allow the client to respond, show the correct response

All of the above are forms of error correction

Show the correct response, give the SD, allow the client to respond, provide reinforcement


How should the initial SD (instruction) be given?

In a clear voice

Using words the client understands

One time

All of the above

All of the Above


Which of the follow is not a guideline for DTT?

Give the SD one time in a clear and understandable way

Provide reinforcement and error correction immediately

Provide praise sparingly

All are guidelines for DTT

Provide praise sparingly


Which of the following is not a characteristic of DTT?

Reinforcement is prearranged

Initiated by the student*

The discriminative stimulus begins the trial

Trials are repeated

Initiated by the student

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