Activity 4: Examining the Microscopic Structure of Compact Bone

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Why does spongy bone have a spiky, open-work appearance?

Due to the arrangement of the trabeculae


Compact bone appears to have what 2 physical traits?

1. Dense

2. Homogenous


Microscopic examination reveals that compact bone is riddled with what 3 features (Hint: vessels and neurons)?

1. blood vessels

2. nerves

3. lymphatic vessels


Bone tissue is organized around what?

Blood supply


The central (Haversian) canal carries what 3 things throughout the bony matrix?

1. blood vessels

2. nerves

3. lymphatic vessels


What are osteocytes and where can they be found?

Mature bone cells; lacunae


How are lacunae arranged?

In concentric circles called concentric lamellae around the central canal


Why do you see some interstitial lamellae?

Because bone remodeling is going on all the time


What is interstitial lamellae?

Remnants of osteons that have been broken down


A central canal and all the concentric lamellae surrounding it are referred to as what?

An osteon or Haversian system


What are canaliculi?

Tiny canals radiating from a central canal to lacunae in each lamella


What is the function of canaliculi?

Form a transportation network through the hard bone matrix, connecting all the living cells of the osteon to the nutrient supply


What runs at right angles to the shaft?

Perforating canals


What is the function of perforating canals?

Connect the blood and nerve supply of the medullary cavity to the central canals.

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Name the missing features.

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Name the missing features.

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Name the missing features.

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