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Blood (exercise 29)

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Name the leukocyte. Agranulocyte or granulocyte? Function?

Eosinophil (granulocyte)

Kills parasitic worms; slightly phagocytic; complex role in allergy and asthma

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Name the leukocyte. Agranulocyte or granulocyte? Function?

Neutrophil (granulocyte)

Phagocytize pathogens or debris

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Name the leukocyte. Agranulocyte or granulocyte? Function?

Basophil (granulocyte)

Release histamine and other mediators of inflammation; contain heparin (anticoagulant)

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Name the leukocyte. Agranulocyte or granulocyte? Function?

Lymphocyte (agranulocyte)

Mount immune response via direct cell attack or antibody production

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Name the leukocyte. Agranulocyte or granulocyte? Function?

Monocyte (agranulocyte)

Develop into macrophages in tissues and phagocytize pathogens or debris

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