Activity 2: Idenfitying Cartilaginous joints

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What is the type of general tissue that makes up cartilaginous joints?

cartilage tissue


Is there a joint cavity in cartilaginous joints?



What are the 2 structural types of cartilaginous joints?

1. Synchondrosis

2. Symphysis


1. Synchondrosis joints of cartilaginous joints are made up of what type of cartilage?

2. Symphysis joints of cartilaginous joints are made up of what type of cartilage?

1. Hyaline cartilage

2. Fibrocartilage


What is an example of a synchondrosis joint that falls under cartilaginous joints?

Between the costal cartilage of rib 1 and the sternum


What is an example of a symphysis joint that falls under cartilaginous joints?

Intervertebral discs between adjacent vertebrae


The synchondrosis joint that falls under cartilaginous joints can be classified functionally as?



The symphysis joint that falls under cartilaginous joints can be classified functionally as?


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