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Repro_Genital embryology

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What determines female baby?

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Mesonephric duct degenerates and paramesopnephric duct develops


What is another name for the paramesonephric duct?

Mullerian duct hence the name Mullerian inhibitory Factor which inhibits the paramesonephric duct


what determines male baby?

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1. SRY gene on Y chromosome Testis developing factor

2. Mullerian inhibitory Factor (MIF) (Sertoli cells)

3. Androgen (Leydig cells) development of Mesonephric ducts.


What does the Paramesonephric duct develop into?

Internal Female genitalia

Fallopian tubes


Upper portion of the vagina


What is Mullerian agenesis (Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome?)

Primary amenorrhea with fully developed ovaries.

No Mullerian (Paramesonephric) structures


What is the another name for Mesonephric (Wolffian) duct?

Develops into the male internal structures minus PROSTATE (SEED)

Seminal vesicles


Ejaculatory duct

Ductus deferens


What is the female remnant of the Paramesonephric duct?

Appendix testis


What is the male remnant of the mesonephric duct?

Gartner duct


What hormone is responsible for male external genitalia?



What hormone is responsible for male internal genitalia?



Lack of Sertoli cells or Mullerian inhibitory factor has what effect on male genitalia development?


both male and female INSIDE

Male OUT


What effect does 5-alpha-reductase def have one male genitalia development?

NO DHT = External problem

Male Inside

Ambiguous external until puberty which causes masculinization


What are the Mullerian duct anomalies?

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Septate uterus - incomplete resorption of septum

Bicornuate uterus - incomlete fusion

Uterus didelphys double uterus, vagina, cervix

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