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The experience of feeling left out or being on the outside


Asymmetrical federalism

When not all provinces have equal power



Agreement between two countries to better the both


Civic nation

A nation where people agree to live according to certain values and beliefs


Contending loyalties

Loyalties that compete



Adopting values from many different countries


Cultural pluralism

The idea that a collective should be encouraged to promote their cultural identity in a diverse society


Domestic policy

The guidelines for a country's actions


Economic nationalists

People who believe that business and industries should be protected against foreign interests


Economic sanctions

The action of cutting off trade with a country in an effort to force it to follow a particular course of action


Odious debt

A debt that is incurred by a tyrant, not to meet the needs of the people of the country but to strengthen the despotic regime


Tied aid

Help that is given with strings attached


Trickle-down effect

When people have more money to spend they buy stuff from and in less developed countries.


Voluntary balkanization

The separation of like-minded people into hostile, isolated groups

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