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psychology final 13 - 15

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an intentionally focused awareness of one's immediate experience (the here and now)



the idea that a talent for joy can be cultivated is. . .

learned optimism


that which consists of the typical thoughts, emotional responses, and behaviors that are relatively stable in people over time and across circumstances.



who we believe we are. involves your mental representations of your persona; experiences.

sense of self


one's sense of self is based on. . .

self-schemas, working self-concept, and self-esteem


an integrated set of memories, beliefs, and generalizations about the self. it helps us to filter information so that we are likely to notice things that are relevant to us. (loud party; someone across the room says our name; our ears perk up)



the immediate experience of the self in the here and now. (involves where you are, who you are with, and your role in the situation)



when we evaluate how we feel about our personal characteristics. (am i good, am i bad, am i worthy or unworthy)



this proposes that our self-esteem is based on how we feel others perceive us and adopt their attitudes about us as our own.

reflected appraisal


a characteristic associated with an inflated self-esteem, self-centered, view themselves in grandiose terms, feel entitled to special treatment, and are manipulative


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