MAT 115 Final Exam

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Thing you can do to reduce math anxiety

1. Break material down into steps

2. Be understanding and sensitive

3. Provide peer tutor


Math myths

1. Finger counting is bad

2. Math is not creative

3. Math requires good memory


3 types of graphs

1. Concrete/real graph

2. Picture/representational

3. Symbolic/abstract


Process standard 1

Problem solving


Process standard 2



Process standard 3

Constructing valuable arguments


Process standard 4



Process standard 5

Using mathematic tools


Process standard 6

Attend to precision


Process standard 7

Looking for structure


Process standard 8

Looking for short cuts


Examples of process standard 1 Problem solving

1. story problems with children's names

2. having a child solve a problem


Examples of process standard 2 Reasoning

1. have the children explain

2. ask them how they solved it


Examples of process standard 3 Constructing valuable arguments

1. check each others work

2. let kids explain


Examples of process standard 4 Modeling

1. using manipulative

2. acting out problems


Examples of process standard 5 Using mathematic tools

1. calculators

2. tangrams

3. computers


Example of process standard 6 Attend to precision

1. estimate then check


Examples of process standard 7 Looking for structure

1. number lines

2. lattice method

3. place value importance


Examples of process standard 8 Looking for short cuts

1. patterns

2. division

3. volume


6 types of problem solving

1. drill and practice

2. simple translation

3. process problems

4. apply problems




what does SMART stand for?

S - specific

M - measurable

A - action oriented

R - relevant and reasonable

T - time bound


Bloom's taxonomy

1. create - compose, plan, produce

2. evaluate - decide, appraise, revise

3. analyze - take apart, appraise, calculate

4. apply - translate, model, illustrate

5. understand - explain, outline, discuss

6. remember - memorize, pick, spell


Manipulatives for teaching process

1. tangrams

2. ganizer - adding and subtraction

3. fair share mats - divison

4. chip trading - place value

5. base ten blocks - regrouping, place value

6. unifix cubes - patterns, array, set

7. attribute blocks - different shapes, thickness and color

8. pattern blocks - patterns, shapes, and fractions

9. cuisenaire rods - fractions and measurement

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