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What is the major function of WBC?

To fight infections


What is the major function of Neutrophils?

Essential in preventing or limiting bacterial infection via phagocytosis


What is the major function of Monocytes?

Enters tissue as macrophage; highly phagocytic, especially against fungus; immune surveillance


What is the major function of Eosinophils?

Involved in allergic reactions (neutralizes histamine); digests foreign proteins


What is the major function of Basophils?

Contains histamine; integral part of hypersensitivity reactions


What is the major function of lymphocytes?

Integral component of immune system


What is the major function of T Lymphocyte?

Responsible for cell-mediated immunity; recognizes material as “foreign” (surveillance system)


What is the major function of B Lymphocytes?

Responsible for humoral immunity; many mature into plasma cells to form antibodies


What is the major function of Plasma Cells?

Secretes immunoglobulin (antibody); most mature form of B lymphocyte


What is the major function of RBC (Erythrocyte)?

Carries hemoglobin to provide oxygen to tissues; average lifespan is 120 days


What is the major function of Platelet (Thrombocyte)?

Fragment of megakaryocyte; provides basis for coagulation to occur; maintains hemostasis; average lifespan is 10 days

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