Important Pka values

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Organic Chemistry
Chapter 2
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Halide Acid HCl

Pka value -7


O Acids ROH2 +

Pka value -2


O Acids RCO2H

Pka value 5


O Acids Ph(Phenol)OH

Pka value 10


O Acids ROH

Pka value 16


N acids RNH3 +

Pka value 9


N acids RNH2

Pka value 38


H acid H-H

Pka value 35


C acids RC(=O)CH3

Pka value 20


C acids R-(triple bonds)-H

Pka value 25


C acids R2 C=CHh

Pka value 44


C acids RCH3

Pka value 50

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