Chapter 18 ; chemical Texture Services

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Client Consultation



Client Records



Client Release Form



Scalp Analysis



Hair Texture

* sinlge strand
- coarse : required more processing time ' more resistant throught application.
- medium : considered normal ' no special problems or concerns
- fine : more fragile, wasier to process, susceptible to damage, processes faster, gently treated.
* feel a sinlge dry strand between the fingers.


Hair Analysis



Hair Density

number of hairs per square inch
- fine
- medium
** make subsections thinner


Hair Porosity

Ability of the hair to absorb moisture related to condition of the cuticle.
Add very resistant
- resistant: tight, compact cuticle, resists penetration, more alkaline texturizer, throught and careful application
- poruse hair: raised cuticle, easiy absorbs moisture, less alkaline soultion


Hair Elasticity



Direction Of Hair Growth



Permanant Waving

*first perm recorded 4000 b.c
First recorded perm given
- Wrapped over crudely made wooden rollers
- Mixture of soil and water
- Baked in the sun all day


Texture Services

- Permanent waving
- Relaxing
- Curl reforming (soft curl permanents)
- Keratin Treatments


The Cuticle

- Tough exterior layer
- Protects the hair from dsnsge
- Chemicals must penetrate cuticle into cortex


Chemical Textures

raise the pH to softenand swell the hair
- lifts the cuticle
- allows solution to reach the cortex
* coarse, resistant hair requires a highly alkaline chemical solution
* porousdamages or chemically treated hair requires a les alkaline solution


Keratin Protein

* long chains of amino acids linked together end to end
- Chemical bonds linking amino acids together
* peptide bonds
*end bonds


polypeptide Chains

long chains of amino acids


Side Bonds

* Cortex Is Made Up Of Milliions Of Polypeptide Chains
- Elasticity And Strength
Disulfide Bonds - Chemicals
Salt Bonds - Water
Hydrogen Bonds - Water


Metallic Salts

Home hair coloring

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