Chapter 1-5, Lab basics

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What quantity of a sample would you need to make a 500uL of a 1/4 dilution



How many grams of NaCl would you need to make 250mL of a 5% w/v solution?



How many grams of H2SO4 (MW=98) are in 750 mL of 3N H2SO4?



How many microliters in 0.2 mL?



If the mean of a control is 3.6mg/dL and standard deviation is 0.2 mg/dL, what is the acceptable QC range?

3.2-4.0 mg/dL


There are 150g of NaCl per 500 mL solution. (MW = 58.45) What is the molarity?

5.13 M


How many grams H2SO4 (MW=98) are in 500 mL of 4N H2SO4 ?


98 grams


How many grams of sulfosalicicyclic acid (MW = 254) are required to prepare a 500mL of a 3% (w/v) solution ?

15 g


What is the equation for beers law?

Au/As xCs =Cu


List two methods used to produce clinical lab grade water?

Distillation and reverse osmosis


What 3 items that should be monitored during water purification process

Resistivity, bacterial contamination, pH


Identify 3 types of glassware used in the lab

Borosilicate, low actinic, corex


Identify four types of plastics used in lab.

Polypropylene, polyethylene, Teflon, polycarbonate, polystyrene


What is a TC pipette?

"Rinse Out" pipettes. Contain exact amount of liquid that must be completely transferred.


What is TD pipette?

Designed to drain by gravity, must be held vertically, volume is obtained when draining stops


TD/blowout is

Pipette designed after fluid drains must be blown out to get fluid out of tip accurately ( 2 frosted bands)


What are the six major parts of the spectrophotometer ?

Light source,entrance slit, monochromator, sample holder, photodetector, amplifier and readout


What is type 1 water ?

Purest and is expensive, used in maximum precision testing


What is type 2 water?

Use for general lab usage


What is type 3 water ?

Used for rinsing of glassware, and media prep, etc.


Low actinic glassware is

Amber red in color, contents are visible


Swing-bucket and fixed angle head rotors are found in?



What is an example of a photodetector?

A photomultiplier tube


A release of light energy by a molecule after reacting with a chemical is ______



The test menu refers to a list of what???

Test offered by clinical lab


OSHA standards are found in what document?

Codes of federal regulations


A class A fire involves which of the following?

Electrical equipment


Monoclonal antibodies are derived from

A single cell line


What is a haptens ?

A substance that is capable of binding an antibody but can not by themselves stimulate an immune response


A competitive immunoassay includes an antibody, patient antigen, and ____________

An antigen with a label attached to it's structure


Polyclonal gels, particles coated with iron oxide, and plastic beads are all examples of

A solid phase material


What immunoassay uses a gold electrode to facilitate production of light ?

Enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique


The antibody that binds to hapten-enzyme in the EMIT assay

Inhibits enzyme activity


How many milliliters of a 2% solution will make 20 mL of a 10% solution make?

100 mL

Use C1V1=C2V2

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