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Do entree salads come with dressing tossed or is the dressing on the side



When a guest orders a wrap what two questions must be asked every time

Fries or cole slaw, try to upsell


When a guest orders an entree salad with chicken what question must be asked every time

Fried or grilled


What salad dressings do we offer? 11

House ranch, 1000 island, french, house bleu cheese, italian, oil and vinegar, honey mustard, smokey BBQ ranch, house dijon, vinaigrette, ancho-lime, and balsamic vinaigrette


List all entree salads and the dressing that is served with each. 9

California cobb - house ranch

House chicken club salad - honey mustard dressing

goat on a date- house dijon vinaigrette

Bang bang shrimp - house ranch

Bulldog chopped - italian dressing

Chicken caesar - caesar dressing

Southwest fiesta - ancho-lime

Buffalo chicken - blue cheese dressing

Smokey BBQ ranch chicken - Smokey BBQ ranch


What type of tortilla is used for the wraps

Honey wheat


Which wraps do not contain chicken

Bang bang, chopped, and california cobb


Which wrap is a daily lunch special

Buffalo wrap


Which salads/wraps contain Romaine lettuce

Caesar, chopped, goat on a date


Which salad/wrap contains tortilla strips



Which salad/wrap contains artichokes



List all of the available gluten free sides

Broccoli, house salad


List all the fillers for tacos

Shredded chicken, pulled pork, shrimp


What are the tacos topped and served with

Tangy baja slaw w/ a side of refried beans and salsa


What comes on the chicken and waffles

mashed potatoes, jalapeno gravy on top, syrup o/s


What's on the chicken marsala

Salted mushrooms, onion, marsala sauce, lightly floured chicken, and garlic mashed potato

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