moral theory

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what does moral theory tell us we're supposed to do?

moral theory is supposed to tell us what consideration are morally significant and what we should pay attention to if we want to act morally right..


explain subjectivism

it is the view that everyone decides what is right or wrong for themselves



the only thing that matters is the pleasure and pain that results from our actions.


who are the fathers of utilitarianism

John Stuart Mill

Jeremy Bentham


what are the three fundamental features of utilitarianism






the only thing that matter morally are the consequences of our actions



the consequences for everyone affected by our actions matter equally



the only thing that matter morally are pleasure and pain that result from our actions


state the greatest happiness Principle

An act is right as it tends to produce happiness and is wrong as it tends to produce pain.


what is the problem with the egalitarian aspect of utilitarianism

"should a really always be impartial?"


Problem with the consequentialist aspect

inconsistent with conventional views of justice


what is "pig's philosophy"? and what is it's problem aspect?

Pig's philosophy is the problem with the hedonistic aspect of utilitarianism and it states that there is more than just the pleasure and pain of actions.

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